Golf Business Purchase & Selling


A successfully-run golf development can be extremely profitable – and that's why golf courses don't stay on the market for very long.

The GBI has a strong track record in helping clients identify the pros and cons of taking on a golf course that's for sale – and highlighting all the areas where attention and focus can unlock the most potential.

We can provide the answers to questions such as:

Is the selling price right?
Is the green fee pricing strategy right?
How could I improve yield management?
Is the F&B strategy delivering enough?
Do the staff have the right skillset – and the right attitude?
What is the local competition like?
How much marketing will I require?
Are any course improvements required?
Could I develop the site with housing/hotel accommodation?
How do I draw up a business plan?

If you are thinking about buying a golf business or property, contact us for advice at

Golf Business Purchase & Selling Golf Business Purchase & Selling


Thinking of selling your golf course? The GBI is ideally placed to help you maximise the price you can achieve.

With specialists across a wide range of disciplines you can be sure that the advice given, if followed through, will maximise the value of your sale.

We can arrange a valuation and bring the property to market, culminating in negotiating a successful sale on your behalf. And remember, maximising the sale price might mean delaying the sale until the business is performing to its optimum.

A sale might also be a last resort - and GBI experts can help to turn your business around with advice in all areas of golf club operations operation, from improving sales and marketing to developing membership and green fee play to increasing operational efficiency.

We may also be able to unlock other potential on your site or facility. Spotting residential housing opportunities, creating ancillary facilities to enhance revenues, changing the use of current space to increase turnover are all areas where we have expertise.

Whatever you need, the starting point is a call or email to the GBI on 02476 414999 or

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