The Golf Business International Foundation is designed to support and enable individuals or organisations to further develop the sport, and create impetus for those wishing to ensure golf delivers social benefits on a local or national basis.

Awards of up to £5,000 will be made bi-annually to ‘good cause’ projects within the golf industry, following an application process, with half the award made in cash while the other half comprises time from participating consultants with expertise in the relevant fields.

Applicants will need to demonstrate social enterprise objectives, measurable outcomes and identifiable beneficiaries, and, it is anticipated, they will come from a number of different sectors, including charities, local authorities, facilities, events and individuals.

Applications are welcomed from three specific areas – Britain and Ireland, mainland Europe, and the rest of the world – and, while there is no specific criterion that projects should be rotated between geographical regions, origin of application will be taken into consideration.

All applications will be considered by a Foundation sub-group comprising the head of the Foundation and two member consultants, who will serve for a year each.

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