Rain Bird Golf Division manufactures a wide range of irrigation products for golf courses: pump stations, EAGLE™ Gear-drive Rotors, field controllers, map-based central control irrigation systems, decoders, swing joints, flow meters, filtration systems, valves and irrigation accessories. Rain Bird® Central Control Systems are designed with ease of use in mind. These systems effectively integrate advanced technologies and optional software to arrive at solutions that manage water use responsibly to save money and reduce utility costs, while continually enhancing course appearance and improving playability. Since 1933 Rain Bird has been committed to The Intelligent Use of Water and this commitment extends beyond products to education, training and services for irrigation industry and our community.

The Golf Industry benefits from the continued developments to design more efficient systems. Rain Bird is leading 2-wire systems technology since early stage of Decoders Systems and keeps on innovating with Integrated Control Technology. By providing superintendents and managers with simplified installation, unmatched flexibility, affordable performance and invaluable peace-of-mind, the IC™ System is revolutionizing the way professional agronomists manage their irrigation systems.

These products are sold worldwide through an extensive network of irrigation specialist.

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