Golf Education and Training

The need to continue to improve the performance of any golf facility is dependent upon the quality of the personnel who work in it and their attitude and that of their employer towards their betterment. Their education and training is paramount to the success of the business of that facility but is often overlooked.

The specialist training consultants in GBI are able to deliver a wide range of programmes and courses to facilitate this education and investment in the development of these personnel, whether it be in the technical aspects of design, construction, irrigation and greenkeeping, or the management of golf facilities, on and off the golf course itself, or in ensuring health and safety in the management of that facility.

Equally GBI members can advise in the organisation of training courses for the development of players to drive demand to expand the game all levels.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the continuing commitment by organisations to behave ethically and contribute to social and economic

Golf Management Education and Training

Recruit for attitude, train for skills – the professional development of your core golf management roles is vital and GBI members are well-placed to

Management Education & Training

Golf Staff Education and Training

Consultants have the experience and skill to identify the best training programmes to develop the human assets of the business. Whether it is

Golf Staff Education and Training

Golf Course Design

All developmental projects, or those which we develop existing facilities by the expansion, addition or just reconfiguration, begin with the design

Golf Course Design

Golf Course Management

The golf course is likely to be the most important physical asset of the business, and maintaining this is the best possible condition for members

Golf Course Management

Golf Club Business Management

Whether the golf facility is owned by the club’s members or a private owner or corporation, the business model that is operated (private club;

Golf Club Management

Golf Health & Safety

Ensuring the health and safety of the team of employees and all members and guests is a legal requirement and cannot be ignored or overlooked. There

Golf Health and Safety

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