Golf Course Management

Once a golf course project is up and running, it is vital that it is maintained satisfactorily to sustain it for the future. Though specialist consultants in GBI are able to advise developers, resorts and clubs on the wide-ranging aspects of golf course upkeep, whether it be in the management of that vital resource of water, whether it be in the field of greenkeeping and agronomy, or whether it be in consulting on the landscape and the environment in which the golf course sits.

GBI consultants in these specialist fields have unparalleled experience around the world in guiding clubs and courses to take maximum advantage of the opportunities to maintain their golf courses to a maximum level of effectiveness, efficiency, economy and to present them with the ultimate of natural attraction. Doing so can but improve the business performance of the facility.

Environmental Golf Management

Ensuring your property is managed in an environmentally-sensitive way is not only a legal requirement but also makes huge financial sense. From

Golf Course Environment

Golf Course Irrigation

Golf course irrigation is paramount to a golf course development and success. The ability to have the golf course in the best possible condition

Golf Course irrigation